Flyer Privacy Policy

Please be aware that personal information, photograph, or illustration which might identify a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, will not be published on the site.

A member may be identified only as follows:

  • First name and first initial of family name;
  • Name of Home Group;
  • Name and/or number of District;
  • Name and/or number of Area;
  • Name of city, province, state, country;
  • Function and/or;
  • just the mention “Member of Alcoholics Anonymous.

No personal telephone number may be listed on the site. The only authorized telephone number is Spectrum Communication (24 Hr Helpline)

Only email addresses from may be listed on the site as well as addresses belonging to other affiliated AA entities and those concerning the places of accommodation related to A.A. activities group, district, area or A.A. event specific email address i.e.:

Reproduction of our literature

The guidelines to follow for the reprinting of texts or parts of texts from our literature are the same as suggested in our A.A. Service Manual for Area newsletters.

“Local A.A. publications are permitted to reprint the Steps, Traditions, and/or the Concepts, and to quote a phrase, sentence or brief paragraph excerpted from A.A. literature such as the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, The A.A. Service Manual and Conference-approved pamphlets without a prior, written request to do so. When this occurs, the proper credit line should be included to ensure that the copyrights of A.A. literature are protected. After a quotation from a book or pamphlet, the credit line should read:

Reprinted from (name of publication, page number), with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.”

“The A.A. Preamble is copyrighted by the A.A. Grapevine. Beneath it, and beneath any article reprinted from the Grapevine and La Viña, these words should appear: Copyright © (Month, Year) A.A. Grapevine, Inc. Reprinted with permission. For more information on reprinting other material from the A.A. Grapevine, Inc., see Chapter 12.”

Excerpt from A.A. Service Manual, page S41, 2010-2011 Edition. Reprinted with permission from A.A. World Services, Inc.