Is your drinking becoming a problem?  Is it causing you to get into unpleasant situations? Are family members concerned about your drinking? Find out how to get help after Treatment or Corrections.

Coronavirus update –   Most  in person meetinqgs  have resumed but still require all Covid 19 safety protocals for participation. Click  here to find an online meeting.  Click here to find an in-person meeting.  Email to get more info on attending meetings.

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Learn about Service in District 22. Find information for Professionals who work with problem drinkers. View a note of thanks to the Media for continued support. Get informed about Alcoholics Anonymous

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Sobriety – Alcoholics Anonymous  1:16 min

Hope – Alcoholics Anonymous       16:47 min

25 and Under  6:02 min

Click here to view Young and Sober video!

Sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous   1:18 Min

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To view more videos and audio tapes on how we got sober please click here.  You will be directed to the website of the General Service Office of AA.