Grapevine Promotions May 2019

Hello Friends my name is Harry and I the privilege of serving District 22 as your Grapevine Sub-Committee Chair

There are many things happening in the Area and I am pleased to be part of the below Grapevine Promotions:

District 22 Grapevine Promotion

The District 22 Grapevine Committee Representative, Harry M. is asking local groups to schedule a Grapevine presentation at your next Home Group Business Meeting or Birthday. The presentation will start with a brief description about the Grapevine and will include a display of items for sale from District 22’s Grapevine inventory. Members will have the opportunity to purchase books, Grapevine magazines as well as subscribe to the Grapevine. 

2019 is a special year as Grapevine is celebrating 75 years. 

Groups are asked to consider nominating a Grapevine Rep. to help promote Grapevine magazines and books from Grapevine Store, to your members.

Groups may also consider donating Grapevine print subscription or 30-packs of Grapevine magazine back-issues… to Corrections, (see Grapevine Special Delivery Promotion) as they are badly needed… especially at EMDC, London.

District 22 promotes subscriptions to the AA Grapevine monthly magazine. We apply an information sticker on the back of the donated magazines, to encourage subscriptions.

If you would like more information on any Grapevine matter… please contact Harry M., Grapevine Representative – Oxford District 22 of Area 86 by email: or submit the below form.

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